Which antivirus is best for gaming PC?

When you talk about antivirus software, you can’t ignore BullGuard antivirus. Because BullGuard antivirus is designed to protect your computer and other devices against all types of threats. If you have installed BullGuard security on your computer when you are secure from viruses, malware, spyware, ransom ware, adware, Trojans, and other harmful threats.

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BullGuard team releases new updates from time to time to make it more secure. We always advise keeping your BullGuard antivirus up to date to make sure you stay protected. But if you have any problem with BullGuard software or some other services then you can always get in touch with BullGuard Antivirus Service UK for instant help.

BullGuard gives you a lot of security features to protect your computer and other devices. One of the best features which you get is BullGuard PC TuneUp & Game Booster. This feature gives you a lot of options to customize to increase your computer speed and performance. Also, if you use your computer for games then you will love the BullGuard Game Booster feature. This feature is designed by gamers to give the best performance when you are playing games on your computer.

How to Use BullGuard PC Tune UP and Games Booster Feature

·         Game Booster – BullGuard game booster is one of the best features and most of the games love this feature. This feature cancels scans and other notifications while the full-screen mode is on.

BullGuard game booster optimizes your computer performance while you are playing games and stops the unwanted process to give you more performance when you need it.

This function is designed for 4 core processors. When it detects that the user is about to start a game session, then it moves all applications to 1 or 2 cores. Then it empties 3 and 4 cores to make sure there would be no glitches while you are playing a game.

·         Optimize – It scans your computer and shows you a list of registries, invalid shortcuts, cache, windows clean-up files, and third-party apps. You can clean up your device with a single click.

·         Cleanup Helper – It gives you complete details about your computer memory usage and other junk files. By removing junk and unwanted files you can increase the speed of your computer and get some extra space as well.

·         Duplicate Files – As you can understand by its name, this feature gives you information about duplicate files and gives you the option to delete them. You can delete the duplicate files with a single click. By doing this you get some extra space and it automatically increases the performance of your computer as well.

·         Boot Manager – This feature gives you information about all the start-up files and also tells how much time they take to open when you start your computer. Click Here to read more about BullGuard Boot Manager.

·         Settings – You can turn off the pc optimizing features by going to settings.

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