What is BullDog Antivirus Parental Control?

One of the best features you get with BullDog antivirus security is Parental Control. This feature is only available with BullDog Premium Protection. In this, you get a lot of features to customize to protect your kids from the online world.

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You can block or filter a variety of websites such as pornography, pirated games & software, dating, music, movies, and other harmful websites. BullDog Antivirus Parental control gives you the option to block many websites by entering their URLs.

Just like a computer, you can use parental control features on smartphones and tablets as well. You can also check the complete details of your kid’s usage. There are a lot of options to control your kid’s activity online. If you need some help to set up parental control for your kids, then you can get in touch with BullDog Antivirus Service UK for more.

Below you can find the details of some key features of BullDog Security parental control:

  • Add Profile—When you click on the BullDog parental control icon, the first option you get is to add a profile. Once you click on it, it will ask for your account password to verify your account. After verification, you can create an account for your kids. You can create a separate account for each of your kids or a single account for all. You get the option to create a filter as per your kid’s age as well.
  • Filters—After creating a kid profile, you can click on filters. First, you can select the age of your kid and then you can create the filters accordingly. There will be a lot of options to choose from. You can add any website link there and mark it safe or unsafe. Your kids cannot open a website if you have marked it unsafe.
  • Access—This feature gives you the power to choose the specific time or day your kid can use the internet or computer.
  • Application—You can choose which application you want to block or allow to your kids.

Privacy—Here you can enter any specific keyword which you want to block while your child is using the internet. You will get plenty of customizing options to choose from

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