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Are you having trouble while using Skype for your business? Then you have come to the right place as we help both individuals and professionals in troubleshooting their problems.

What is Skype?

Skype is software that enables businesses and individuals to make free video calls from their mobile and desktops. It is software that every business must have to increase productivity in teams.

Features of Skype

  • Allows to do audio and video calls in HD
  • You can share your screen with another team member.
  • Call directly to your team member over the phone
  • Can make private conversations.
  • You can also send messages 
  • One can access their account from anywhere

Even if you have moved to a new location, get a skype number at a nominal price.

Other feature includes the ability to share your location, change background effect, use real-time Skype translator, and enjoy lovely feedback from your customers.  

Benefits of calling our experts:

1. Saves you much Money: Calling our experts at the initial stage of the problem would result in a quick solution. It will reduce the risk of damage to other valuable components like a hard disk or motherboard.

2. Improve efficiency: With our team assisting downtime, it will allow your team to relax, which will directly improve their working efficiency, thereby increasing the production in terms of quality and quantity.

3. Quick Solutions: Our experts will solve problems in no time, which reduces the downtime of your office, which is very important for some industries.

4. Updated Knowledge: Many times, some conflicts arise if you try to install different software. As you may not be updated with the industry news, you may likely feel stress when your system malfunctions.

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What errors come in Skype Account?

  • Skype can’t seem to find your webcam or microphone.
  • Skype replaces your phone number with to call to action button.
  • 9901 Internal Error – This means that there is an issue related to the Skype server, and you cannot do anything about this.
  • 5000 Chat – This error comes when you type the name in the checkbox and is wrong.
  • 94 Call Error – This error pops up when you try to call yourself.

Apart from these, there is a various error that is more frequently and commonly. You can troubleshoot these errors quickly on your own.

How to contact Skype customer care, and how do we help the customers?

Suppose you are facing any error that is difficult to troubleshoot. In that case, you can always contact Skype UK If you need any specific solutions, then get your questions answered by their virtual agents. You can also get help from various Skype helpdesk communities for free.

If all these don’t work for you, contact us with options available on

Suppose these all seem very technical to you, then don’t worry, as our team is always ready to provide you the assistant. We provide email support as well as chat support for Skype-related issues.

Our technical team – Free Skype UK, consists of engineers who have significant experience and knowledge. And they are always happy to help you.