Ransomware Wanna Cry – A New and Powerful Threat

Businesses worldwide are facing difficult conditions because of the ongoing virus attacks and malware. They are consistently updating their security infrastructure and extending their security plans to keep their web assets safe and protected. However, today, a new threat has emerged and dominated the web world in a ravishing manner.

The name of this ongoing threat is WannaCry Ransomware and it is still running wildly across the world, posing threat to the major countries. It is so powerful that it can easily curb the operations while targeting the computer systems running the Windows operating system. On top of that, it is demanding huge payments from the organizations in Bitcoin, which is escalating in its core value like never before.

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This attack was first registered on Friday, 12 May 2017, and since then it is accelerating at a rapid-fire pace. Its scale is huge and cannot be scaled easily. It shows that it is a well-planned and organized attack that can paralyze organizations as well as governments. Today, more than 150 countries reported that they have incurred heavy losses due to this fatal attack.

It has the ability to attack local as well as international networks in an unprecedented way. In fact, it can speed up without any warning and can strike silently to the systems that have not been updated for a long time. No doubt, it can easily paralyze exposed systems and can damage their infrastructure in a dynamic manner.

Whether you are a small business owner or a banker, you should strengthen your security system by updating it and deploying the most powerful antivirus and security solution that can protect your online assets in a responsible manner. In fact, if you have no idea about how to deploy or choose the best security solution, then you can discuss your problem with the security experts such as Quicktechy.

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