How to stop Panda auto renewal and cancel the subscription?

What is Panda?

From your Panda account, you can go to Products & Services, Additional information, and select the right panel option. If you cancel your subscription, you will receive an email confirming the cancellation of the service.

 How to cancel the subscription?

Cancellation will cancel future renewal charges. But no refund will be made for your order. Your product remains active, and your device is protected for the duration of your subscription (1 month, one year, etc.). If you don’t manually renew, your protection will expire, and you will not be protected from malware. If you wish, you can manage your product renewal automatically. Applicable to online purchases only from My Panda by accessing your products in products and services, Additional information, And clicking on the option in the right panel, which is called cancel panda subscription.

 How to stop auto-renewal?

The auto-renewal service can be turned on or off during the purchase process from the Panda Security website if you have enabled it. One month before your product subscription expires, and with your notice, Panda will charge your credit card invoice.

Please note that your product’s license period, once renewed, will begin when your subscription ends, not when the actual payment is processed.

Auto-renewal is enabled by default to make it easier for our customers. However, this service is optional and can be disabled at any time, for example, during the purchase process. Click the information icon next to the automatic renewal service and select the manual renewal option.

 What is the refund or cancellation policy? 

Refund because our products are perishable. We, therefore, do not accept returns. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you must contact us within one day of receipt of your order. We reserve the right to limit refunds and exchanges, and we can only offer one replacement per consumer.

Cancellation or change of order any change including cancellation, we must notify us before 1 hour on the same business day. If beyond this period, we cannot guarantee changes or cancellations.

 How to request a refund?

To request a Panda refund, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open panda and tap the menu icon in the top left.

Step 2: Select the Help Center

Step 3: Tap Get help with my product.

Step 4: Choose your product

Step 5: Start Chatting

This way, you can start chatting with a live agent to get a panda refund request. You must provide all the details they will ask for. In principle, you should also provide screenshots or pictures of your product.