How to Repair Bullguard Antivirus Not Working Properly?

BullGuard antivirus software is a name that is leading the security software market for a long-time period. Over the years this BullGuard antivirus software has got a worthy place for itself in the market. But it is often seen that the users are stuck in the procedures of this software and hence find it hard to conduct a troubleshoot of the software when the need arises. If you are facing the same or another issue then you should quickly get in touch with BullGuard Antivirus Number UK or BullGuard Chat UK.

The possibility of the systems getting affected by undesirable viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, tracking cookies, adware, and other threats attacks is growing day by day. Therefore, the only solution users are left with is BullGuard Internet Security. When it comes to defending their systems from all types of attacks, the user should have antivirus software set up on the system.

BullGuard offers a wide range of products that can suit all your business and individual requirements. BullGuard Premium Security is one of the best security software which protects from almost all types of threats. Once you install BullGuard antivirus on your device, it will start protecting your device from the latest threats. Its real-time protection service gives you automatic protection for the internet, email, banking, online shopping, and other harmful viruses.

BullGuard is one of the best antivirus software but sometimes users get issues with the software. If you are not computer savvy then it’s quite difficult to solve the issues. Below we are giving you information about some general BullGuard issues and their solutions.

  1. When BullGuard is not scanning properly

if in case you are not able to scan your system for viruses through antivirus, in that case, check are –

  • Make sure that the software is properly installed on the system.
  • Check that software is activated.
  • If you have some other antivirus installed then remove them
  • Check windows updates

If all these things are right in place then the last thing that a user can do is uninstalling the software and then reinstalled it.

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2. BullGuard hangs the system

Check BullGuard on your system and if your system is now freezing or if it’s hanged then to get that fixed follow the given steps –

  • first Uninstall the antivirus software from the system.
  • Do not save any settings as the prompt asks you your preference while uninstalling the software.
  • Restarted the system.
  • Reinstall BullGuard antivirus on your system.

The above-given procedure if followed accurately will get the issue resolved and the system, as well as the software, will be back to normal working. Alternative fix for the issue, if the issue continues is –

  • Download ADW cleaner or Malwarebytes on the system.
  • Run a scan on the system.
  • After scanning completes press “clean”
  • Agree to all the prompts that you get to see on the screen.
  • Then conduct a reboot on your system.
  • After that post the scan log.

3. BullGuard not starting reduced

To get this issue fixed the user needs to conduct an update on the software. For conducting an update the user just has to open the software dashboard, then click on the “update” button given in the top right corner of the window.

4. Disabling BullGuard pop-ups

For disabling BullGuard pop-ups the user should follow the given steps –

  • Go to the firewall section.
  • Set the user level to “advanced”.
  • Go to the logs tab.
  • Select “security log”
  • Click right on the IP address that is trying to scan the ports on your system
  • Then ban that particular IP address.
  • On right-click “custom security”.
  • Automatically block intruders for X seconds

An alternative method for disabling the pop-ups from the system is below–

  • In BullGuard console.
  • Go to the firewall section.
  • Click “profiles tab”
  • Click “custom profile” as it opens then go to the notifications tab.
  • Uncheck-display a security notification.

The annoying popups won’t appear on the screen anymore.

5. Deleting the temporary folder from BullGuard

For deleting the temporary folders from BullGuard antivirus follows the given steps –

  • Open the software and then go to settings.
  • Click “advanced” then click “general”
  • Allow BullGuard to protect its components.
  • Restart the system and delete the files

These are some possible resolutions to fix the software if it is not working properly. However, if you still need any sort of help then connect our experts at BullGuard Toll-Free UK 0800-090-3202.