How to Install Malwarebytes Software For Windows

Follow the steps below to download and install the most recent version of Malwarebytes for Windows. These methods also apply to reinstallation or how to reinstall an application that was uninstalled by mistake.

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How to Install Malwarebytes in Windows

  1. Malwarebytes for Windows is available for download.
  2. Double-click the MBSetUp.exe setup file in the Downloads folder. Downloadable files are usually saved in the Downloads folder. If the User Account Control pop-up box opens, click Yes to allow Malwarebytes for Windows to be installed.
  3. Choose one of the following options when asked where Malwarebytes will be installed:

Personal computer: If you’re using the device at home or in a non-business setting,

Select this option.

Work computer: If you’re utilizing the device in a professional setting, select this


  • Click Agree and Install to accept the End User License Agreement. To choose an alternative installation location, go to Advanced Options.
  • Click Get started on the Welcome to Malwarebytes page. The Malwarebytes dashboard for Business appears if you select the Work machine in step 4.
  • Choose from the following options:

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Buy now: To unlock all protection features, purchase a Malwarebytes subscription.

Activate Subscription: To activate your Malwarebytes Subscription, sign in or enter

your license key.

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Enter your Email and Password and If you purchased a membership through

the Malwarebytes website and are logged in to your Malwarebytes My

Account login, click Sign in. If you’ve forgotten your password, go to

My Account > Forgot Password.

Click Enter license key if you have your license key handy. Enter your license

 key on the next page and click Activate license.


Maybe later: This initiates a Malwarebytes free trial version for 14 days

Malwarebytes free download. If your Trial time on the device has expired, the

Malwarebytes Free version will launch instead. This version does not provide

proactive prevention and merely eliminates existing infections. To receive news,

safety advice, and unique deals, enter your email address and click Get Started or

Open Malwarebytes Free.

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