How to fix Zoom Lagging or Freezing issue during meetings

As we all know that today’s world is the world of Video Conferencing and Zoom is one of the priorities of the people. But with some amazing features Zoom meeting App is also giving you some bugs and issues during meetings. Such an issue is Zoom Lagging or Freezing issue. To deal with this issue we are here with a few tips that could help.

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There is a chance that your connection is creating a lagging issue in your Zoom meeting app. In the case of Mobile, it is suggested that you move to an area with a better connection. If you are using the Zoom app on PC then stick with an Ethernet connection or get closer to your local router and also use its 5GHz connection.


The speed of your connection plays a vital role in the case of any video conferencing app like Zoom. So it is suggested to maintain your Upload speed around 1Mbps and the Download speed around 600Kbps.


There is always an option in which you can change your background using Zoom virtual backgrounds and filters. But it can sometimes create problems of lagging and freezing. So it is suggested to Turn off any virtual background or filters if you are using one.

▫ You can do this by opening settings and on the left-sidebar, select Background and Filters. Then you just have to choose ‘NONE’ for both Virtual Background and Video Filters.


If any of the above above-mentioned tips are not coming fruitful, then you can try to adjust your Zoom meeting App settings.

▫ Try unchecking the ‘HD’ and ‘Touch Up My Appearance’ options.

You can access these options by clicking on the cog icon (settings) on the main screen of the Zoom App. Or you can also do so by clicking on the arrow icon within the video camera icon during the meeting and then selecting the Video settings on the pop-up menu. Then you have to just select the Video Category listed on the left (if it isn’t already selected).

These are the few tips that can be fruitful in resolving your issue of Zoom lagging or freezing during meetings. And if none of the methods works, it is recommended that you contact the Support department of the developers.

You can also get in touch with Contact Zoom UK by phone, email, and chat for a quick fix. The experts are available 24*7 on Zoom Phone UK 0800-090-3202. If you are still not satisfied with it then you can request Zoom Refund UK.