How to Fix Zoom Camera and Audio Issues

Zoom is one of the best video meeting applications around the world. In Covid-19 Pandemic, thousands of businesses switched to Zoom to continue their businesses online. Not only this, millions of home users installed the Zoom Meeting App on their computer, mobile, and tablet to interact with their loved ones online.

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Zoom beats almost all its competitors and has become the number one application for online meetings, phone, chat, conference, webinars, zoom room, zoom marketplace, and other services. People love it because it’s very user-friendly, and you can easily install this app on any device.

But there are some common issues which most people get when they use it. One of the main issues is the Camera and Audio not working. It’s very frustrating when you need to join a conference or webinars, and your camera or audio is not working. Below we are giving you some easy tips to fix these issues yourself.

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Method 1: Check the software settings

  • Before joining any meeting, make sure you have unchecked
  • do not connect to audio
  • turn off my camera
  • These options come up on the windows where you enter your meeting ID

Method 2: Make test audio and video call on Zoom

If you still have issues with audio and video. We advise you to make a test call on Zoom to make sure your camera and video settings are ok. You can also unplug and plug in the cable of the external headset and webcam. We hope this will fix the issue.

Method 3: Close unwanted applications/software

If you have permitted any third-party software or application to your mic and camera, then you make sure it should be closed before you start a Zoom meeting. Because other third-party applications can stop Zoom to access your audio and camera if they are open.

Method 4: Check permission

You should check whether you have permitted zoom to access your audio and video or not. To check this, you can go to your app permission settings and check if it’s blocked or not.

Method 5: Check for an update

Sometimes you get a problem because of an outdated software version. So make sure you are using an updated version of Zoom and computer windows.

Method 6: Reinstall the Zoom

If you have performed all the above methods but still getting the same issue, then we advise you to reinstall the zoom application.

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