How to fix AVG installation error | Easy steps

When you notice that AVG Antivirus is stuck on the installation page and you will not be able to start the AVG on your device, you need to ensure that you are taking help from these steps. It will help you with easy fixes so that you can complete the AVG installation without any hassle.

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  1. Temporarily turn off windows defender.

You need to temporarily turn off the Windows defender whenever you notice that AVG is not being installed on your Windows PC. It could happen that windows defender is protecting your device to download the file. Once you force stop the Windows defender and perform the step again, you will be able to see that the AVG will be installed again to your device.

  • Disable fast startup

You need to disable fast startup. It can also be an easy fix that would help you fix the problem you are facing with the device. You need to disable the fast startup and start the device again in this situation. You will be able to see the differences, and you will be able to start the AVG again.

  • Perform a clean boot

You need to perform a clean boot process so that you will be able to complete the installation process. Especially when you are using AVG Antivirus Software, you will complete the step without any hassle. This would be a complete process to get effective results.


When you are facing an AVG Antivirus Error with the device, you need to take help from these steps. Hopefully, it will be an easy fix for you. If you notice that after using the step that the problem is not getting solved, you can directly contact AVG toll-free number so that you will be able to get expert assistance whenever you are in need of their support.