How to Download BullGuard Premium Protection and Activate it

BullGuard Internet Security and BullGuard Premium Protection is the most popular security protection which completely secures your computer and other devices from all types of threats such as malware, spyware, trojan, tracing cookies, identity theft, data loss, and almost all types of viruses.

BullGuard Premium Protection Comes with 25 GB of online backup and you get a BullGuard Secure Browser for safe browsing. It optimizes your computer as per usage and increases your computer performance.

Also, it protects your identity and gives you an option to limit your kid’s activity on the computer through the BullGuard Parental Control feature. You can keep an eye on the usage of your kid’s online activities and make the necessary block restriction whenever you want. BullGuard Internet Security gives you complete protection from the internet.

How to Download BullGuard Premium Protection and Activate it

  • Login to your BullGuard account
  • You will find your current subscription details on the welcome page
  • You will find the download tab next to your current subscription
  • Please run the downloaded file to install the BullGuard
  • Once installation complete, you need to enter your BullGuard Login details

How to Install BullGuard With Activation Code

  • First, log in to your BullGuard account
  • After login, scroll down the page
  • You will find activate your license on the right side
  • Enter your BullGuard license key or BullGuard activation code and click on activate
  • You can also activate your product from your BullGuard software
  • Click on settings, enter the activation code then activate it

Call at 0800-090-3202, If you get any issues following the above steps then we advise you to get in touch with our BullGuard Antivirus Service Number UK and speak to our specialist. We will help you to reset your BullGuard Account Login details and install the BullGuard correctly.

Minimum Requirement to Install BullGuard on a Computer

  • Minimum 1GB Ram
  • Free disk space of 800MB or more
  • Windows Operating System

As soon as you install BullGuard on your computer. First, it will automatically start performance optimization and install the latest virus definition. After that, it will give you a lot of options to optimize your computer and its performance. Below is the list of the option you get on BullGuard Dashboard

  • Antivirus Real-Time Protection
  • Firewall Protection
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Backup
  • PC Tune-up and Game Booster
  • Identity Protection
  • BullGuard Parental Control
  • Home Network Scanner
  • BullGuard Secure Browser
  • BullGuard VPN (you need to buy a separate subscription for this)

Get expert help for BullGuard installation

Call at 0800-090-3202


BullGuard gives you one of the easiest user interfaces and you can easily change the settings as per your usage. After performing every scan you will get a complete BullGuard scan report, where you can check your computer condition. Also, you can turn off an option by clicking on the setting tab at the right top corner.

You can find your subscription, username, and other important features on the setting menu. You can login to your another BullGuard account by clicking on change user tab.

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