How Malwarebytes Works To Break The Attack Chain

Malwarebytes Antivirus employs a number of unique solutions to disrupt the attack chain from pre-delivery through execution. The attack sequence. It’s a term that comes up a lot in the field of information security. It was first used as a military concept to explain the structure of an attack and is now known as the death chain. In cybersecurity, it serves the same purpose, outlining numerous techniques of malware entry, deployment, and execution. Breaking the attack chain, then, entails anticipating the attack.

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How Malwarebytes break the Attact Chain

Malwarebytes UK defeats numerous attack chains with seven different technologies using the Malwarebytes Software platform’s real-time security layers:

  • Web Protection

Access to malicious websites, ad networks, scammer networks, and dangerous areas is blocked. Malvertising, phishing emails, botnets, PUPs, and malware servers are all targets.

  • Application Hardening

Reduces the vulnerability’s exploit surface and proactively detects advanced exploit-based attackers’ fingerprinting attempts. It’s very good at thwarting advanced exploit kits.

  • Exploit Mitigation

Detects and inhibits attempts to exploit vulnerabilities and remotely execute code on the endpoint in a proactive manner. It’s very good at thwarting exploit-based attacks.

  • Application Behavior Protection

Prevents malicious programs from infecting the endpoint. Exploit-based attacks, spear phishing, and social engineering are all particularly effective.

  • Anomaly Detection

Detects viruses and malware in real-time using machine learning techniques. It’s especially good at detecting zero-hour malware.

  • Payload Analysis

Heuristic and behavioral principles are used to identify entire families of known malware. Especially effective against current malware families’ zero-hour variations.

  • Behavior Monitoring

Behavioral monitoring technology detects and stops malware. Especially efficient against ransomware, both known and unknown.

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Traditional antivirus depends on antiquated signature-based technologies to combat attacks at the attack chain’s execution step. It’s reactive, one-dimensional, and ineffective, according to the evidence. Malwarebytes free is important to business owners who would like to avoid costly and time-consuming breach cleanups by using anti-Malwarebytes software that prevents attacks entirely. Breaking the attack chain, however, is not as straightforward as it once was. To trick endpoint security, cybercriminals are continually modifying their tactics and deployment vectors. Traditional, signature-based endpoint protection is being out-thought by the attack chain, which is changing and expanding.

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