How Malwarebytes Auto-Renewal Service Works

Malwarebytes provides its users with various wonderful services, one of which is the auto-renewal function. Money is automatically debited from your account for the yearly membership in this service. However, before the expiration of their 30-day renewal period, users receive an email confirmation. You can discontinue the auto-renewal service at any time by logging into your account. For the same, you can contact Malwarebytes Service UK.

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Malwarebytes Auto-Renewal Service

Auto-renewal is enabled by default if you purchased your Malwarebytes product from our online store. Your Malwarebytes products will continue to work without interruption thanks to auto-renewal. We will send you an email at least 30 days before your renewal date, informing you of the amount that will be charged to your authorized payment method. Your subscription will be active for another year when you complete your payment.

If you bought your Malwarebytes product in a store, you’ll get a renewal warning 30 days before your subscription expires on the Malwarebytes app. To renew your subscription online, simply follow the prompts.

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Using a credit card, renew your Malwarebytes Premium subscription

When your Malwarebytes Premium subscription is set to automatically renew, it automatically extends before its expiration date. We will send you an email at least 30 days before your renewal date, informing you of the amount that will be charged to the credit card on file with your account. You will receive renewal reminders at least 30 days before your license expires if it is set to manual renewal. The directions for renewing your subscription are included in these emails. The automatic renewal is reactivated after you manually renew a license.

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How to Cancel Malwarebytes Auto-Renewal Subscription

Go to your account page and log in > Go to the Payments tab.

Under Active subscription, select Cancel auto-renewal.

Give a good reason for the cancellation and click the confirm button.

Call Malwarebytes toll-free number UK 0800-090-3202 if you require assistance.


Malwarebytes provides customers with world-class services. They always pay attention to consumer concerns about products and services and work to resolve them to their satisfaction. You may learn more about Malwarebytes free products for home and business by visiting the official website or contacting Malwarebytes UK and speaking with a representative.

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