How do I get a Panda antivirus refund?

Refund policies of panda antivirus

If you are a user of Panda Antivirus and you are not satisfied with its service. You have decided to cancel Panda Antivirus Subscription and are ready to take your refund. If you really want to take your Panda Antivirus Refund, so you have to cancel your subscription within 14 days after you bought the panda products. Panda Security will refund the payment if the user cancels the subscription on the time. The Panda refund UK payment will be refunded at the same medium by which you had done your first transaction at the time of buying the Panda Antivirus software.

Panda Antivirus Refund

Dial Toll-Free Number


You can dial our toll-free number – 08000903202, for Panda Antivirus Refund UK – you can make a call at any time, we are available 24X7 in order to assist you.

How to request the cancellation of panda antivirus

If you want to request Panda Antivirus Refund, you need to send an email to, in order to cancel the order. You can also contact our Panda Internet Security Toll-Free Number – 08000903202, by which you can cancel your subscription and get back your refund.

You need to write an application in order to cancel the subscription, which includes the following things-

  1. Write an order number.
  2. Write correct amount of your order
  3. Write the reason for your cancelation request

Panda Antivirus Refund

Panda Security offers 30-day money-back guarantee after the date of purchase. You need to make a login on to the official website of Panda Internet Security within 30 days. You can also fill the query form in order to cancel the subscription and get a refund.