How do I cancel F-Secure Antivirus subscription auto-renewal?

What is auto-renewal?

If you have not enabled auto-renewal then F Secure Antivirus will get expired after 12 or 24 months.

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Whenever you purchase F Secure Software Subscription for the first time and if you have complete registration with the auto-renewal option. So your subscription will get automatically renewed when it expires. The same credit card or debit card will be charged for renewal. 

If you did not choose the F Secure Auto-Renewal option, then you need to log in to the F- Secure account and manually renew the subscription when it expires.

How do I cancel my subscription auto-renewal?

Log in to F-Secure Account.

On the F-Secure Account page, you need to select Subscription in the top bar.

Under Current subscription, you need to choose to cancel your subscription.

If you cancel your F-Secure Subscription, Your subscription remains valid and active until your current subscription expires.

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