How CCleaner Makes Your Computer Faster and Secure?

Piriform’s CCleaner is a tool to delete possibly unwanted files and invalid Windows registry entries. It was first released in 2004 and is one of the most well-known system cleaners. It was initially exclusively available for Microsoft Windows, but a macOS version was published in 2012. In 2014, an Android version was published. CCleaner Service is your most popular cleaning utility. It safeguards your privacy while also speeding up and securing your computer!

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This is the basic version of our main product, which is meant for PCs running Windows. It’s free, and it’s popular with both casual users and IT experts. According to Pass mark, a third-party software testing company, CCleaner UK may speed up your Windows startup procedure by up to 53%, remove up to 4GB of trash files the first time you use it, and potentially clean up to 34GB every year!

Uses of CCleaner

How to Use CCleaner gives information on how it helps you to improve your computer by providing you with a single solution that addresses these three major areas:

1. Increasing the amount of space on your hard disc

Apps and web browsers can be cleaned of up to 34GB of trash files per year. Large apps that you no longer use should be uninstalled. Delete duplicate documents, images, videos, and other files.

2. Increasing efficiency

Disable startup programs to reduce your PC’s starting time by up to 53%. To reduce software malfunctions and bugs, clean the Windows Registry.

3. Increasing the level of security and privacy

Cookies that track your online behavior should be removed from your browser. Delete any “deleted” files that may remain on a PC that you share with others or that you wish to sell or give away completely.

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IT specialists and regular people alike have used CCleaner help to clean up temporary files and the Windows registry. CCleaner is a simple freeware that removes trash from your computer, including browser data, cookies, and cache. However, with the help of the activities above, you now know how to clean a computer with CCleaner. CCleaner speeds up PCs through software updates, machine purification, and helps you to disable apps that can slow down the launch of your computer.