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BullGuard antivirus gives you overall security from all types of threats. It is a very light software that never impacts your computer speed or performance. Also, BullGuard real-time protection automatically scans your device and remove infections.

BullGuard protect your device automatically but we advise you to scan your device manually to stay protected. It’s very easy to scan your device with BullGuard scan. BullGuard gives you a different option to scan your computer.

BullGuard also allows you to customize your scan to get more benefit from the scan. In this blog, we would be telling you that how you can run an effective scan with BullGuard antivirus security. If you need some instant fix for any issue, we advise you to call our BullGuard Antivirus Service UK.

Types of BullGuard Scan

  • Quick Scan – It quickly scan some specific parts of your computer and remove the threats. This type of scan takes 5 – 10 minutes and we advise you to run it after a couple of days.
  • Full Scan – It scans your computer’s entire disk and other hidden parts. This process takes 1-4 hours but it removes all hidden threats from your computer. While you are running this scan, you can also use your computer by minimizing the BullGuard window. We advise you to run this scan once in 15 days or a month.
  • Custom Scan – With this scan, you can customize your scan and scan any specific file, folder or any particular part of your disk. You can also scan any external hard drive or memory stick which you connect with your computer. It allows you to scan your stored data in any particular part of your computer.
  • Quarantine – In this option, you can get a list of files and threats which are quarantined by BullGuard. Click on the quarantine files option to make sure it doesn’t contain any important file or documents. You can click on the check box next to that file and choose to restore or delete that file permanently.

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