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Technology is evolving day by day and most of the businesses & people are depending on it. You can’t think about a life without the internet now. After Covid-19 Pandemic, where more people are working from you. Kids also have to take online classes because they can’t go to school. As kids are relying on the computer and other devices for their studies. Online scammers are trying to attack kids.

It is very important to provide a safe environment for kids so that they can focus on their studies. In some cases, we have seen that once kids are getting complete access to the internet, they are also misusing it. It’s very important to create some restrictions for kids if they are using the internet on their computer. Because most cybercriminals are targeting kids these days.

To protect the online privacy of your kids and give them complete protection from harmful threats. BullGuard Parental Control feature would be the best option. With this feature, you can restrict your kid’s activity on the internet. You can block anything which you think can be a danger for your kids. It’s very easy to use BullGuard parental control but if you find it difficult then you can get in touch with BullGuard Service UK and they will explain everything.

How to use BullGuard Parental Control

BullGuard parental control played a special part when it comes to kids’ online security. It gives you a variety of options to choose from. Below you can see some benefits of the BullGuard parental control feature:

  • You can create a profile for your every kid as per their age and apply restriction accordingly
  • It allows you to create a category of the website which your kids should open or not
  • You can also add the URL of any website which you want to block or allow
  • It helps you to block pornography and dating website completely
  • Block the website which contains or promote criminal activity, hate, violence and encourage kids for smoking, drinking, weapon and drugs.
  • You can also choose the day and any specific time they can use the internet
  • It can block your kids from the website which ask for name, address, phone, email, pictures and other personal information
  • BullGuard shows a list of categories which you should allow or not. You can easily click on the check box to make a choice. It would save you important time

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It’s very easy to create a profile under BullGuard parental control. But if you get some issues while creating a profile or you want some expert help. We advise you to contact BullGuard UK and you will get complete help for your queries.

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