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These days it becomes necessary to have strong antivirus protection for your computer and other devices. Because most of the people are getting scammed by cybercriminals. If you are using the internet on your computer then it’s very important to have good security. Otherwise, you can be the next victim of a cyber-attack.

Most people prefer BullGuard antivirus because it gives you world-class firewall protection. BullGuard Firewall Service is specially designed to protect your computer and other devices against malware, spyware, adware, trojan, ransomware, and other harmful threats.

Not only this, you get constant updates from BullGuard which keeps your BullGuard firewall service up to date. Because of the updated firewall, your computer can fight and protect you against new types of threats.

In case your BullGuard firewall service is stopped and it’s showing you some errors. Also, it says that you are not protected. In that case, you should get in touch with BullGuard Antivirus Service UK to make sure BullGuard is working on your computer. Ignoring this warning can lead you to a big problem in near future.

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How BullGuard Firewall Service Protect Your Computer

BullGuard come with amazing firewall protection which protects your device against all types of threats. When you click on the firewall option you get 4 drops down on security features.

  • Manage Rule – This option will give you information about the software and programme which are using the internet. You can click on the action tab to stop any programme or software from using the internet. With the help of this feature, you can also check if any unwanted programme or software using your internet without your knowledge. You can also check the path of that programme if you want to remove it from your computer.
  • Logs – Here you can check the detail of traffic coming in and out on your network. You can also search for any specific IP address.
  • Network Activity – In this feature, you get information about the local and remote IP address on your network. You can also find details of windows start-up allocation, service and controller app, local security authority process and a lot of other option to check.
  • Settings – By clicking on settings, you can turn off the firewall. You can create a rule for known programs or activate the automatic mode. You can also get complete logs and network activity report of your network.

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If you are facing any issue with your BullGuard firewall service which you can’t fix yourself. We advise you to contact BullGuard UK and speak to an expert.

If you are getting the message that your firewall is not working or your computer is at risk. Then your BullGuard antivirus is not working because of some issues. You should speak to the BullGuard representative to fix this issue to stay safe.

If you are unable to get instant help for the BullGuard firewall issue. W strongly advise you to contact our BullGuard Assistance Team to get instant help. We can assure you of the best solutions from our certified experts. Our team will help you over the phone and guide you through steps that you can follow on your computer.

We have a 90% success rate in fixing issues over the phone. But if we are unable to fix it over the phone then with your permission and connect with your computer to fix it. For more contact us now.

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