How does BullGuard Boot Manager Work?

BullGuard Antivirus is one of the old security software which is providing the best security services for a long time. It gives you complete protection from unwanted threats and other harmful viruses. Every day there is a new type of viruses created and circulated on the internet. If you are not getting frequent updates from your antivirus company, then your security is at risk. Antivirus companies should make necessary changes in their products to make sure that you should be safe from new types of viruses. BullGuard has recently launched a new feature called BullGuard Boot Manager.

BullGuard Boot Manager focuses on speeding up your computer by giving you complete information about your device. Also, it gives you the option to make necessary changes to your device to make it faster than before.

Features of BullGuard Boot Manager Work:

1. It gives you complete information about your start-up applications and tell you that how much processing power each app is using

2. It gives you the option to disable or delay high power processing app

3. You can speed up your device by disabling unwanted start-up apps

4. Boot Manager is available in BullGuard Premium Protection and BullGuard Internet Security

5. It’s very easy to use and allow you to make changes with a single click

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How to use it

To use the Boot Manager feature, you need to open your BullGuard application and click on PC Tune & Game Booster tab. You will get a drop-down list and you need to click on Boot Manager. After clicking on it, you will see whether this feature is enabled or not. You can also disable the BullGuard Boot manager feature from there.

To find the application loading time, you need to restart your computer by clicking on the tab. Once your computer will restart it will show you a graphically illustrated report. Also, it will give you an option to disable or delay any application.

BullGuard releases frequent updates from time to time. These updates are very crucial because these updates are related to security, performance, and more. It is advisable to keep your BullGuard antivirus up to date so that it can protect you from all the latest threats.

In this blog, we tried to explain to you complete information about BullGuard Boot Manager. We hope that you will find this information helpful and use these features to increase your computer speed.

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